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Enroll to receive training, while earning reward points to exchange on a variety of popular gifts.

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Preferred Contractor Program

Amerhart Fabrication Preferred Contractor Program

To begin collection reward points, a meeting with an Amerhart representative to obtain training and verification of 2 Amerhart Fabrication projects is required.

Upon approval, you will receive 5 reward points. Then submit your Amerhart Fabrication invoices to begin collecting reward points. Only invoices dated after required approval apply. Send invoices to: Tracy Nacius

CLASSIC items earn 1 point, CUSTOM items earn 3 points (excludes custom postwrap trims). Points are grouped in 4 gift tiers (5 points, 10 points, 20 points, and 50 points). You will be responsible for monitoring your accumulated points, and unused points after redemption will rollover to accumulate for next redemption. Points can be redeemed at any time

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Amerhart's Custom Fabrication Provides unlimited design options for Kirchner Custom Builders

Tony Kirchner and his brother Marty started building custom homes in 2001, when Tony was only 20. Since then, Kirchner Custom Builders of La Crosse, Wisconsin, has made custom homes, built to customers’ exact specifications. 

In order to build these unique dream homes, Tony needs to be able to customize them to his clients’ visions. Custom home building brings its own set of special challenges and rewards.

"The bottom line is: This stuff holds up."
- Tony Kirchner, President, Kirchner Custom Builders

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To-Do Summary

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Get approval, training, and verification by an Amerhart rep.

Email Invoices

Once approved, begin emailing invoices to redeem for points.

Monitor Points

Monitor your accumulated reward points.

Redeem Rewards

Redeem reward points for gifts using the Rewards Form.

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